New for MUM: Mario Marchese: Magic's Punk Rock Peter Pan Philosopher

There is a prevailing opinion in the magic world (and possibly also beyond it) that kids’ magicians aren’t real magicians. The stigma runs deep and has unfortunately been proven many times over by hack birthday party performers and uninspired uncles wearing bad clown makeup (an embarrassment to magicians and clowns alike, surely). But Mario Marchese is special. Even though he wanted to be the next Copperfield or Blaine when he fell in love with magic in his 20’s, late for most working pros, he was also smart and sensitive enough to pay attention to the truth that revealed itself to him in his dreams.

So the Lost Boy listened, and he doubled down on kids’ magic. It hasn’t just worked out for him, it’s paid off in spades. Mario found himself, the truth of who he is and what his life is for, and also discovered practically how he could combine all his artistic passions into one act. From fashion design to Arduino programming, from classic Vaudeville and ventriloquism bits to physical comedy, clowning, and mime, Mario just wants to be a man making art. He bills himself as the “maker magician,” but what he leaves his with his audiences of all ages is a democratized message that there’s magic everywhere you look.

That lesson about accessibility drives Mario as a magician and performer as much as it informs his role as a father and husband. It was truly an inspiration to get to know Mario for this profile, which was featured as the cover story of the February 2019 issue of M-U-M, the official magazine of the Society of American Magicians.

Mario Marchese MUM Cover Feb 2019