What I've Been Working On: Tricked

For the past three months, I've been working on the magic team for a TV show called Tricked. Magician Eric Leclerc pranks, fools, and tricks innocent people all over the city with hidden camera magic that they, of course, don't realize is magic. In bookstores and cupcake shops, bakeries and hardware stores, magic is indistinguishable from reality, at least until the big reveal.

Tricked fish

After three months spent behind the scenes (under the scenes?) filming Tricked's second season, we recently found out the show has been picked up for another set of episodes. Congratulations to everyone on Team Tricked for all the hard work, passion, and creativity they've poured into making an amazing show. And thanks to Eric and to magic producer Chris Martin for the magical experience, in aspects both hidden and not.

Watch: Season 2 of Tricked airs on BYUTV starting October 8

Eric Chris