What I've been working on: Sermostudio

I started Sermostudio about a year ago with the goal of supporting the brilliant, creative, and innovative entrepreneurs and founders around the world who are interested in expanding their business models to the United States.

Why is it correct that the average American consumer dismisses a brand based on its less-than-perfect English copywriting, when English is probably that international team’s second, third, or even fourth language?

At Sermostudio, we’re doing something about that bias. We work with companies at every stage of growth to reimagine their English language marketing communications specifically for success in the US. Because the words you use matter.

After growing through our first year with a wonderful cohort of international clients, I’m excited to kick off Year 2 with the launch of a fully redesigned Sermostudio website. In the coming months we’ll be adding both a portfolio section of past client work and a blog to play home to our team’s insights and thoughts about all things business, marketing, translation, language, and globalization.

Thanks to all the clients and partners who have supported us and been part of the Sermostudio journey so far. We hope you’ll like our fresh branding and the new site. If you’re interested in working with us, get in touch over at the new site!

Check out what we’re up to over at Sermostudio.com