New for Make Change: Paying for Memberships Won't Cure Loneliness

I was excited to write this personal essay for Make Change, a publication from Aspiration that explores the intersection between money and mission. Membership may seem like an easy way to connect and build community, but it ain’t always necessarily so. And, while I’m at it, why are we all so afraid to talk about how money impacts our personal lives? Here’s a quick little excerpt from the piece to give you a taste:

“The general rule that it’s hard to meet people in New York applies to born-and-raised locals as much as it does to newcomers. For some, after-work happy hours pass as a good time. The rest of us seek out activities and adventures where we might find someone like us, or at the very least, where we might learn something. This is especially true when winter kicks up biting winds off the East and Hudson Rivers and the sky is black by four in the afternoon. Many New Yorkers—whether by birth or by choice—need a little encouragement to resist the pull of the couch. And so, we join. I didn’t set out intentionally to be part of the bandwagon brigade, but I watched my wallet get fat with all the membership cards that replaced the cash that belonging cost me.“

Read: Paying for Memberships Won’t Cure Loneliness