New for Genii Magazine: Everybody Loves Jen Kramer

The first thing you’ll notice about Jen Kramer is that she is nice. It’s a Midwestern kind of nice that I don’t understand, and of which I am deeply suspicious. Jen is also not from the Midwest, she’s from Long Island. What gives? In the end, she convinced me that the nice is real, and so is her impenetrable positivity. She’s really like that, even when no one’s looking, even when she’s alone. Jen is currently headlining her own show at the Westgate in Las Vegas, and is working to make a name for herself as a woman in magic riding the wave of diversity and inclusion drenching every industry and art, it would seem.

Not every woman in magic wants to talk about women in magic, and I believe intensely that those preferences must be respected—I’m looking at you, Billy Kidd. But for Jen, the conversation about women in magic isn’t just front and center, in many ways it’s her main driver. Much of her “nice” is deeply gendered, as is her white-knuckled commitment to controlling the narrative and managing her reputation. Jen’s not shy about the role her identity plays in who she is and what she does. But in the end, many magicians are still just people doing magic tricks.

My profile on Jen Kramer was featured as the cover story of the February 2019 issue of Genii Magazine, the best-selling and longest-running magic magazine in the world.

Jen Kramer Genii Magazine Cover Feb 2019