New for CBD Snapshot: Endometriosis Patients Turn to CBD

In my first for CBD Snapshot, I tackled the magazine’s recurring wellness column to discuss women, pain, and CBD. We know that women’s pain is often dismissed outright (and irresponsibly) by the medical profession, an ugly truth that clings to centuries-old ignorance leaving women unsupported, undiagnosed, and unable to live their lives fully and healthily. In the case of endometriosis, it’s common for women to turn to hormonal birth control pills to help mitigate extreme chronic pain. But hormonal contraceptives can unleash a deluge of unpleasant side effects, often without moving the needle on pain in any significant way. Concentrated CBD products have become a last resort and a helpful alternative when institutional medicine fails endo patients. My brief column appears in Issue 2 of the magazine.

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CBD Snapshot Issue 2