New for Genii Magazine: Connie Boyd's Signature Feminine Twists

This month’s issue of Genii Magazine features Ton Onosaka, a treasure of the magic community both in Japan and worldwide and ostensibly one of the greatest bridges between East and West in many decades. He’s now 86 years old.

My brief profile on groundbreaking magician Connie Boyd ran as an interior feature in the July issue as well. While she was one of the first female performers to change the face of the Las Vegas magician in the 1980s, Connie Boyd’s lasting stage career has been star-studded and highlight-filled. She has recently decided to pass on the magic wand, as it were, transitioning from performing to her new focus: designing and directing shows, producing and consulting, and, most notably, mentoring new female talent in the magic world.

From Editor in Chief, Richard Kaufman’s introduction to the issue:

“Connie Boyd was one of the early female solo magicians in Las Vegas, and she is well remembered for, among other things, a beautiful floating ball routine where she surprisingly floated up to the ball at the end. While still performing today, most of her time is spent teaching and organizing her female recruits who she has coached into full-time illusionists and sent out on the road in their own shows. Chloe Olewitz floats up to Ms. Boyd for a few questions.”

Read: Connie Boyd’s Signature Feminine Twists