New for Genii Magazine: The Shy, Scary, Sacred Riana

I didn't get to interview the magician who plays The Sacred Riana, and in some ways, I'm glad. Or at least, I respect the choice. As I write in this cover story for the October 2019 issue of Genii Magazine, Riana’s rejection of traditional press and promotional interviews only serves to strengthen her all-consuming performance. The profile bounces from an investigation of Riana’s talent to a brief history of sorcery and magic in Indonesia, from an investigation of Bizarre Magick to the impact of condensed storytelling on Got Talent shows.

What shines through every commentary on Riana’s work is a clear admiration for her unyielding and unwinking embodiment of the character, and this profile includes just such reflections from Max Maven and Genii Editor in Chief, Richard Kaufman. Complete commitment may be fundamentally required by Bizarre Magick as a genre, but in Riana's case it's also tinged with the realities of belief, history, culture, and what it has always meant to be labeled a witch.

There’s also a spooky little interview with Riani, the horror-worthy doll who is Riana’s constant companion.

Happy Halloween, everyone.

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