Copywriting & Content Marketing

Steyer Content is a full-service content company partnering with enterprise technology clients to make meaningful connections between people and information. I was first recruited as a content marketer and copywriter for a specific project serving Microsoft IT Showcase, and based on our successful work together have since continued working with Steyer on a number of client projects from websites and campaigns to editorial content and branding strategy.

  • Content marketing

  • Copywriting, copyediting

  • Article writing, blogging

  • Competitor content auditing

  • Editorial and branding strategy

Skift — Copywriter

Skift is a global travel industry intelligence company, publishing news, trends, and analysis on airlines, hotels, tourism, cruises, startups, tech, and more. SkiftX, the company’s branded content team, partners directly with travel industry brands on creative strategy and content marketing projects that inform both business travelers and travel industry insiders. I was hired to work directly with SkiftX clients and the SkiftX creative team as a copywriter and article writer.

  • Interviewing

  • Ghostwriting

  • Content marketing

  • Data analysis and trend reporting

  • Feature article writing

Genimex — Copywriter

Genimex is a family-owned contract manufacturing company that has grown and adapted to stay at the forefront of the industry for over 45 years. As a legacy company with almost half a century of history, Genimex is intimately familiar with the importance of staying current and modern in the ever-changing landscape of global manufacturing. With an expanding international presence spread across New York, Los Angeles, Taipei, and Shanghai, Genimex hired me to help strategize and execute on an entirely new web presence.

  • Web copywriting and copyediting

  • Messaging and branding strategy

  • Creative consulting

This project is in the implementation phase.

Source London — Copywriter

Source London is the largest network of on-street charge points in London, and the city's first scheme be powered by 100% green renewable energy. I consulted and advised the core Source London team and representatives from Maitland, the company's agency of record, on the redesign and relaunch of Source London's website. My work included creative copywriting and copy editing, in addition to a conceptual branding refresh designed to help Source London's messaging shine for a modern audience.

  • Web copywriting and copyediting

  • Messaging and branding strategy

  • Creative consulting

Devialet — Copywriter

Devialet is the audio tech company behind the Phantom wireless speaker and Expert Pro amplifier. I contributed to campaign ideation by originating concepts ("Hear the Unheard") and brainstorming copy ideas to complement design assets. I created original copy including native social media posts, social media marketing campaigns, content marketing pieces, and direct email campaigns. As Devialet recognized my adaptability and broad skill set, our engagement expanded to include editing new and existing materials in both French and English for target markets in the US, the UK, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. 

  • Creative copywriting and campaign development

  • Social media, blogs, newsletters

  • Product packaging, user guides, technical writing

See portfolio samples of my copywriting for Devialet here.

Wibbitz — Content Marketer

Wibbitz is an automated text-to-video platform for publishers, brands, and storytellers. I conducted research and completed SME interviews related to headline topics assigned by the Senior Content Marketing Manager for articles on the Wibbitz blog. For quarterly reports projects, I designed surveys, collected and analyzed raw data, and conducted field research to derive insights, assess industry standards, and make trend predictions for the future.

- From voice to visual: IoT devices are expanding interactivity
- Report: Building the ultimate toolbox for visual storytelling
- Infographic: The evolution of video production
- The best video lengths for reaching your marketing goals
- 7 industries investing in video marketing in 2018
- 5 best Instagram video brands to follow in 2018
- How to prepare for Facebook's algorithm changes
- 7 women leading the transition to the AI-powered workplace
- 6 journalism schools training the storytellers of the future
- 5 new social video formats to look out for in 2018
- 5 jobs that were made possible by emerging technologies

Modular — Content Marketer

Foster Sundry — Copywriter

Foster Sundry is a specialty grocer located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. With an artisan cheese counter, a whole animal butcher, a hyper-local and organic produce department, the best grocery goods from around the world, an inspired beer and cider selection, a world-class coffee program, and some of my favorite sandwiches in New York, let’s just say Foster Sundry has it all. After working for a short time as a cheesemonger in the shop, owner Aaron Foster hired me to help realize his vision for a highly customized website that covered all of Foster Sundry’s many bases.

  • Cheesemonger (yes, really)

  • Copywriter

  • Creative consulting

Zeel — Content Marketer

Zeel offers on-demand massage services at home, at the office, and at events. I worked directly with the Content Manager to research and write original content marketing pieces for the Zeel blog. I was assigned headline topics in batches and delivered articles weekly, incorporating planned search keywords and SEO strategies and best practices.

  • Content marketing

  • Blogging

  • SEO writing

BayCreative — Senior Writer

BayCreative Clients: SalesforceCisco SystemsCallidus CloudOn Time LightingSystema SoftwareTracker Corp

BayCreative is a B2B marketing agency in San Francisco, CA, specializing in full-service solutions for technology companies. I was originally hired to write Salesforce case studies, for which I interviewed Salesforce customers (enterprise companies around the world) to determine and capture their use cases in a format governed by the company's rigorous style guide. Based on my performance on that project and my proven ability to adapt and hit the ground running with a brand new assignment I quickly became a Senior Writer on the BayCreative team.

  • Case studies and white papers

  • Content marketing and blogging

  • UX/UI copywriting and copyediting

  • Print and digital advertising

  • Marketing collateral (postcards, physical banners, etc.)

  • Ghostwriting

GetFocused — Senior Writer

GetFocused Clients: Nomad Two Worlds FoundationAdaptive MetadataIron PlanetThree Telecoms

GetFocused Senior Writer

GetFocused was a Dublin-based B2B marketing agency specializing in inbound marketing for enterprise clients in the US and the UK. I was hired by the agency's CEO to strategize on messaging, branding, and positioning, and was responsible for researching, developing, and writing foundational white papers. Based on my integral contributions to key projects, GetFocused engaged me as a Senior Writer.

  • Case studies and white papers

  • Content marketing, blogging, executive ghostwriting

  • Copywriting and copyediting

  • Inbound marketing strategy, editorial strategy

  • Keyword research, persona creation

  • Branding and messaging strategy

Postlight — Marketing Coordinator

Postlight is a product studio that builds digital platforms. I worked directly with Postlight's managing partners to support marketing and operations projects across many verticals. The team was looking for a unicorn, and my generalist skill set was well suited to the long lists of tasks that needed attention. My responsibilities included both marketing work and project manager duties, eliminating management bottlenecks and drawing multiple stakeholders and departments together towards a unified goal.

  • Content and editorial management, blogging

  • Social media strategy and execution

  • Event planning and management

  • Market research

  • Coordination on special marketing projects

  • Monthly marketing reports

ADC Global — Associate Creative Producer

As the Education Director’s eyes and ears on the ground, I was responsible for projects supporting the ADC Young Guns program, international Portfolio Night events, and high school education programming. My get-the-job-done attitude and adaptability to any challenge led the management team to bring me on for the ADC Festival of Art and Craft in Miami Beach, managing production for three days of creative workshops with hundreds of industry leaders and icons in attendance.

  • Content management and blogging

  • Copywriting and copy editing

  • Global marketing coordination and execution

  • Education programming

  • International events planning, logistics and management

Pureprofile — Copywriter

Pureprofile's proprietary technology platform was designed to disrupt the market research space. While I was living in Australia for a year, Pureprofile hired me as an in-house copywriter to develop content for target markets in the US, UK, and Australia. When executive leadership was struggling to package innovative concepts for customers and corporate partners, they brought me into brainstorm sessions because of my skill in "translating" complex tech topics into accessible, powerful marketing language. My work was wide-ranging and high-level, and contributed to an international rebranding effort ahead of Pureprofile's 2015 IPO.

  • Copywriting

  • Messaging strategy

  • Insights and trend prediction blogging

  • Raw data analysis