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Endometriosis Patients Turn to CBD, CBD Snapshot, Issue 2

Gnarleans, Athleta Magazine, Issue 5

David Copperfield’s American Metaphors, Genii Magazine Interior Feature, August 2019

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Pele Says Hello, Natural Disasters: A Reference Handbook

Connie Boyd’s “Signature Feminine Twists”, Genii Magazine Interior Feature, July 2019

Everybody Loves Jen Kramer, Genii Magazine Cover Story, February 2019

Mario Marchese: Magic’s Punk Rock Peter Pan Philosopher, MUM Magazine Cover Story, Volume 108, Number 9

Billy Kidd: From Actor to Street Performer, Magician, and Monkey Wrangler, MUM Magazine Cover Story, Volume 108, Number 7

He’s Got Hands: The Democratization of Sport on the Streets of New York, Athleta Magazine, Issue 3, (Pictured at Right)

Skittles, Gigantic Sequins, Issue 8.2

Parsing Pope Francis' Words on Abortion, New York Times, Letters to the Editor


Cheese Learning Is its Own Delicious Experience: On the Cheese Trail in LA, Wine4Food

Going Out for Tapas in Granada Means Ordering Drinks, Not Food, Wine4Food (Pictured at Right)

Theatrical Mustang Woodzick is Paving the Path for Arts Inclusivity, OUT FRONT

The Stoned Athlete: When Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's Hits Go High, Playboy

BuildPalestine: Social Innovation Through an Alternative Aid Paradigm, News Deeply

Paying for Memberships Won’t Cure Loneliness, Make Change

YouTube Magician Chris Ramsay On Learning To Say No, Magenta by HUGE

Babyfist Denim Is the Arab Brand Championing Gender Equality in Palestine, i-D Magazine

"Just Two Women" Drawing the Lines of Change in the World of Illustration, Brooklyn Magazine (Pictured at Right)

Digging into History to Modernize Mystery with Todd Robbins, Genii Online

Behind the Scenes of Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini, Genii Online (Pictured at Right)

Discover Magic Teaches Tricks, But Its Real Curriculum Is Something Else, Genii Online

The History of Coney Island, one of Magic's Most Influential Landmarks, Genii Online

Solid Steel Through Solid Steel: The Enduring History of the Ancient Chinese Linking Rings, Genii Online

How the History of Sawing a Woman in Half Mirrors the Changing World Around Us, Genii Online

Photographer Aundre Larrow on Finding Undertones, Magenta by HUGE

Meet a Pro: London-based Visual Storyteller Quetzal Maucci, Adorama

Lead into Gold, Leaves into Love: Lady Jayne Is an Alchemist in a Barn in the Woods, Morsel

Blue Marble Ships Ice Cream Dreams from Brooklyn to Haiti and Rwanda, Morsel

In Food We Trust: Don't Miss This "Yum Yum" Tour of Culinary Art at the Met, Morsel

The US Government Commissioned 7,500 Watercolor Paintings of Every Kind of Fruit, Morsel

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How Fast Did She Chop the Eggplant? A Heritage Recipe, Morsel

"Success Is An Evolution": Falling In Love with Dominique Crenn, Morsel

Meet the Street Artist Restoring New York’s Punk Rock Edge, Magenta by HUGE (Pictured at Right)

Anjelica Roselyn Takes Fashion Illustration Into Hyperspeed, Format Magazine

"Sometimes I Just Like To Paint Sex": An Interview with Kristen Liu-Wong, Format Magazine

Who Designed NYC's Restaurant Letter Grade Signs? Format Magazine

Teapigs Brings Loose-leaf Tea Temples to the United States, Taste Talks

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